The Fool’s Journey: Discover How Tarot Can Give Amazing Insight into Your Life. Part One – The Fool

Hello loves! I have been itching to do a post about tarot for a while now and I figure what better time than the present!

Divination is a hot topic, not just in Wicca, it’s becoming a lot more mainstream these days. Despite this, not everyone really knows what tarot is all about.

Have you ever wondered what Tarot cards are? What exactly do they do? Tell the future? Create chaos? And the biggest question is, do they really work?

Well, my friend, never fear. I am going to answer all of your questions and more! And I’m going to show you how you can use Tarot cards and their meanings to improve your life! Let’s get started!

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Also, if you are interested in learning about tarot I have created a free tarot card cheat sheet that includes the meanings of all 78 cards that you can use to reference when you’re learning! You can download it for free below!


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Learn how you can use tarot to gain insight into your life with this beginner post #tarot #wicca

Tarot cards are popular in certain circles and have certainly gained mainstream popularity thanks to occult classics such as The Craft and Charmed. However, not very many people understand the true purpose and power of Tarot cards. Let’s face it, not many people even know how to pronounce it correctly! (Tah-row)

So I decided to start this series to tell you all, my lovely readers, about the purpose and joy of tarot. I got my first tarot deck about a year ago and I love doing readings for myself and others.

In this series, we will go through all the cards and I’ll show you what each card represents and how it applies to your life. Tarot cards can tell us what to do and give us things to think about so that we can improve our lives.

Tarot cards do not tell the future, not in the literal sense. Basically, tarot cards map out our lives, the different paths that are available to us and the possible obstacles and outcomes along those paths. A typical tarot deck has two main sections: major arcana and minor arcana. We’re going to start with the major arcana. The major arcana is commonly known as The Fool’s Journey. So to kickstart our knowledge of tarot we’re going to start at the beginning with card number 0, The Fool.

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The Fool

The Fool is an interesting card in tarot because it’s number zero, as opposed to being number one. This is because zero represents infinity. With zero, everything is absent which also means the potential for everything. Infinite potential! The Fool is not confined to the linear succession of the cards. The Fool appears at the beginning but he can also appear at the end or middle.

The Fool represents beginning a new journey, jumping into the unknown. He is full of optimism and innocence.

The Fool can apply to many areas of your life including, starting a new job, starting a new relationship, graduating from college, starting a business etc.

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Let’s talk about some of the imagery that we see.

The Sun

Starting from the very top we see the sun. In tarot, the sun represents life, growth, and creativity. The Fool has a lot of growing to do on his journey which requires his awareness.

The Staff

Next, we have the staff. The staff represents stability and support. The Fool has support from the people around him but he needs to remind himself to ask when he needs it.

The Rose

And then, we have the rose (personally my favorite part). It represents spiritual purity and transformation in some situations. The Fool is full of purity and on his journey (through life or what have you) he will undergo a transformation which we see later in the major arcana.

The Mountains

Next, we have the mountains. Mountains represent challenges that will lead to growth once you have gotten through them. Usually, the steepness of the hill correlates with how difficult the challenge will be. The Fool will meet many challenges on his journey, however, he has to learn from them if he is going to succeed.

The Dog

Last, but not least, is the dog. Dogs are protectors and companions. Throughout his journey, The Fool will meet many people, and companions are important for sharing experiences.

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How exactly can this card apply to your life?

This card represents limitless potential and possibilities because you are at the beginning of your journey. Every day is a new adventure and a new challenge to overcome with new goals to set. Your creativity is at its highest in the beginning. Now is the time for you to take advantage of it.

This card has levels. As you can see, The Fool isn’t looking where he’s going and he’s about to walk off a cliff. On one hand, it can represent recklessness but although it can represent trusting the universe and taking a leap of faith, believing in yourself.

The Fool doesn’t really worry, he’s very carefree, which can vary depending on the severity. Worrying at every point in your journey can actually be counterproductive, but at the same time, an over-eagerness with no awareness of consequences is bad as well. The Fool reminds us how important balance is.

The Fool can also represent an important choice you need to make. The Fool reminds you to believe in yourself and decide what is best for you. Follow your heart!! On your journey, you will have to make countless decisions and it’s important that you understand that the universe has your back. The Fool encourages you to take risks when necessary and calculated.

When you’re starting a journey, you have to live in the moment but don’t completely disregard the power of planning ahead. Try not to act recklessly.

Also, be aware of being taken advantage of or agreeing to something you don’t completely understand. An example would be accepting a project for your new business without doing research beforehand. Trust yourself, trust the universe but also do your research! Be prepared but don’t analyze everything to death, remember the goal is a balance.

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What Can I Do With This Information

Well, learning the deeper meaning of the particular card and applying it to your life in some way makes you more likely to remember it. So if you are trying to learn tarot and you’re stuck on trying to remember what each card mean this will be a good exercise for you.

Also, tarot cards are fantastic tools for meditation, especially after a reading. Meditating on a card will allow you to think deeper about the meaning and understanding how it can apply to you and how you can use it to improve your life.


Let’s recap!

The Fool is a card that shows the unlimited possibilities and potential that lies in a new beginning. As we go throughout our lives we are making changes in our lives like having children, moving to a new city, breaking new grounds in our careers etc. These are all instances where we can use what we have learned about the Fool. It’s important that we remain hopeful and optimistic and live in the moment but also that we’re aware of the challenges that lie ahead of us. We must trust ourselves and trust the universe but also do our best prepare ourselves without over analyzing the situation. We must give in to our support systems and lean on others when we need help. Most importantly, we must have a clear goal and know where we want to end up.

Well, that’s all for The Fool! Next time we’re moving on the next card in the Major Arcana, The Magician.

Remember if you’re interested in learning tarot but need a little help remembering the meanings of all 78 cards you can download my free tarot cheat sheet below!

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Tarot can be a valueble tool for those who want to gain insight into their life, this is a great post for beginners #tarot #magick

This post is perfect for beginners who want to learn more about tarot #tarot #pagan
If you're interested in learning how to use tarot to improve your life check out this beginner post #tarot #divination
Tarot can be a difficult skill to learn but it doesn't have to be. Check out this post for beginners #wicca #divination
Tarot may not be able to tell the future but it can give you tremendous insight into your life, check out this beginner post! #tarot #wiccan

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