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When I first decided I wanted to be a Wiccan, there were a few things I ran into multiple times…

You have to be in a coven to be a Wiccan.

Solitary practice isn’t valid.

If you want to be a real Wiccan you must have a priest or priestess teach you the ways of Wicca.

Needless to say, I found out after a while that these statements are 100% false!

I knew I wanted to be a Wiccan!

I wanted a religion that drew me in.
I wanted a faith that made sense to me.
I wanted to practice magick and take control of my life
I wanted to connect to the world around me
I wanted to worship the Gods and Goddesses of my ancestors.

So what’s a young hopeful to do?

I read every book I could get my hands on, celebrated every holiday, performed rituals, tried spells and learned as much as I could until one day I realized I knew what I was doing.

I ended up creating my own Wiccan tradition, Lazullic Wicca, and now practice openly, confidently and solitary.

Now I’m passing all this awesome Wiccan stuff I’ve learned on to you! So hopefully you don’t face the same discouragement I did.

Chances are you found my site because you’re interested in some aspect of Wicca whether it’s reverence for nature, magick, divination, animism, polytheism or maybe you just love Charmed (I know I do.)

Here you’ll find blog posts on every aspect of Wicca, spirituality and magick that I have at my disposal.

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I hope you find all the knowledge you’re looking for, know that the goddess and god brought you here for a reason. Trust them.
Blessed be!

Hi loves! My name is Ebony Hardiman but you can call me Lapiz and I am a solitary Lazullic Wiccan. When I started out in Wicca I had no idea when I was doing. After reading, studying and practicing my faith I have grown more confident and spiritual than I ever thought was possible. Eventually I created my tradition and now I’m sharing the knowledge I’ve learned.

Wicca is a beautiful religion that has opened me up to the world and feel like I’m finally living the life I was meant to lead. I hope this path does the same for you!

Blessed be!