How You Can Use Herbs to Create Protection Amulets in Your Magickal Practice and Give Yourself Some Peace of Mind

Hello again loves, today we are talking about protection amulets and herbs!

As we’ve learned throughout this series there are many herbs that have different uses. However, the most popular ones, by far, are the ones used for protection.

These herbs are used to banish negative energy and evil and create a protective force field around the object of protection when they are carried.

How is this possible? Well, it has to do with the frequency of vibration that these herbs give out. Since they give off a high frequency of vibration or positive energy, negativity is repelled by them.

If you are going to do a protection spell or create a protection amulet it would be best done during the waxing moon.

I have a whole section on magick in my Magickal Herbalism for Beginners e-book which you can download for free here!

Also for amulets and charms, I recommend using white or red cloths and candles.

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Now that we’re all ready, let’s jump into the post!

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Protection amulets can repel negativity when used correctly, learn how here! #herbsandessentialoils #wiccaforbeginners

I have a Magickal Herbs encyclopedia in my Magickal Herbalism for beginners e-book but some herbs most commonly used for protection include angelica, basil, dill, juniper and rue.

Any of these herbs can be used when you are making protection amulets or working any kind of protection spell.

If you want to use angelica, however, I recommend that you buy it from a store or online dealer because it looks very similar to hemlock which is poisonous and can be dangerous.

Protection amulets

The most common and most effective protection amulet is the protection sachet.

For this sachet, you will need three, seven or nine protection herbs to add to it. Why? These numbers are extremely powerful when used in magick so it’s essential that you follow this step.

Take a bowl or a mortar and pestle and take a pinch of each herb and mix them together while visualizing your intention for the amulet.

Once you’re done mixing, take the herbs and pour them into the center of a piece of red or white cloth.

Then gather the corners of the fabric, take a piece of red or white string or thread and tie the corners together creating a small pouch.

Remember, throughout the creation process you should be visualizing the result you want as if it has already happened.

You can hold your visualization for as long as you want and once you feel like you can stop the amulet is complete!

Carry this amulet with you or hang it up in your house or car, wherever you would like protection. If you are leaving it in your car I recommend placing it above or under the driver’s seat. If you are making it for your house it would be smart to make a few more and place them in various rooms in your house for some extra kick.

If you’re making the amulet for someone else you may give it to them now.

If you want a simpler version of a protection charm you can take a few protective herbs (remember three, seven or nine) and dry them if you haven’t already. Then take the herbs and tie the stems together using white or red thread.

These can be hung or placed in your house or car just like the protective sachet but are a little quicker and easier to make especially if you don’t have a mortar and pestle just yet.

Another protection amulet you can make and carry with you is collecting small twigs of oak or rowan. Take these twigs and create a plus sign and bind them together using white or red thread.

You can also create a pentacle with the twigs if you like that instead.

As you’re creating this remember to hold your visualization for as long as you can, focus on your intention.

Another option for this charm is to collect bigger branches and bind them together in the same way to create a larger amulet that you can place in your home or on your altar.

An old protection charm that was common for witches was to have an acorn in every room by the window. The works best for house protection.

Another powerful herb for protection is garlic!

Many witches would put garlic under their children’s pillows when they went to sleep to protect them and ward off bad dreams.

If you plan to use this method remember to replace the garlic every few days or it may start to smell.


Usually when there is an abundance of negative energy that has built up you perform a purification.

You can also do this when you move into a new house or you can do it every 6 months or so just to keep everything in order.

The best time to purify is during the waning moon because you will be banishing the negative energy that is already present.

My favorite way to purify is using sage.

You can make your own sage bundles, also called smudge sticks, or you can buy them online or at any metaphysical store since they are pretty common.

On your altar, or wherever you do magick, burn two candles, a red one and a white one. Then place a clove of garlic, with the outer layer peeled off, in each room of the house.

Light your bundle of sage and go through each room of the house and thoroughly fill it with the smoke from the sage stick.

I recommend opening the windows and the house prior to the ritual so you don’t start choking on sage smoke.

As you are purifying the house visualize all the negative energy being banished and leaving your home.

Once you have gone through every room allow the sage stick and candles to finish burning down on their own and gather the garlic cloves in a trash bag and throw them away.

While you are collecting the garlic wear gloves so you don’t touch them because you don’t want any negativity they have absorbed to be transferred back to you.

Protection magick is extremely potent and effective and like all magick, you need to have unrelenting faith that it works.

However, it doesn’t have to be difficult and it can be done by anyone because we all have magick inside of us.

Also, remember that magick is an extremely personalized practice. If these methods are too complicated or too simple for you then change them to be what you want.

These are charms and methods that have worked for me in the past but you have the full reign to do whatever makes you happy and works for your practice.

If you haven’t downloaded my free e-book, Magickal Herbalism for Beginners, make sure you grab your free copy here!

That’s all for this post!

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Herbs can be used to create protection amulets #magick #herbs

In this post I teach you how to create protection amulets using herbs #wicca #witchcraft
How oyu to use herbs to create protection amulets #herbalmagick #witch
Learn how to create protection amulets using herbs #wicca #witchcraft
How You Can Use Herbs to Create Protection Amulets in Your Magickal Practice and Give Yourself Some Peace of Mind #herbs #wicca

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