Magick Tools of the Herbal Witch: Learn the Basics and Start Your Magickal Herbalism Practice

When I started in Wicca, I was extremely interested in being a herbal witch.

I wanted to learn about the magickal properties of every single herb and how to use them and essential oils in my spell work.

However, I quickly find out that there is a lot of information on herbalism and not very much of it is for beginners.

That’s why I created this blog series!

This is post number one of seven that will be going up this week so keep your eye on this blog so you don’t miss one!

If you’re interested in learning how to identify, harvest, dry and store your own herbs then you should click over to this post!

If you’re a beginner Wiccan and you want to learn more about it before jumping into herbal magick you can read my post on Wicca for beginners.

Herbs and essential oils have amazing properties that can be extremely potent if they are used correctly and I want to show you exactly how you can get started with your own magick herbalism practice.

I have created a free e-book to work in conjunction with these blog posts called Magickal Herbalism for Beginners! There will be supplemental material in it that I believe will be helpful, so go ahead and download it here!

Today’s post is going to cover all the tools you’ll need.

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Are you interested in being an herbal witch? Then check out this post and my magickal herbalism e book #magick #herbs

So you want to be an herbal witch?

I am a huge believer that Wicca is a pretty low maintenance religion. So when I say that these are tools you need I really mean that they’re tools that will make your practice easier.

You don’t have to go out and buy or make these tools if you don’t want to or can’t afford to but I feel you should still be aware of their existence and purpose.

There are so many types of magick and herbal magick is one of my favorites!

Herbs have so many different uses from healing to banishing and they can be ingested or burned. The possibilities are pretty endless.

But today we are going to focus solely on tools so let’s get started!

What are the tools of herbal magick?

The first tool in the arsenal of a herbal witch is the magick knife.

Now when I say magick knife I don’t mean your athame that you use for ritual purposes.

The difference between athames and the magick knife is that one is used for focusing and directing energy and the other is used for cutting in the physical plane.

The magick knife is used commonly in kitchen magick as well as herbal magick.

The blade should be steel but the handle can be wooden. I don’t recommend plastic because it isn’t a natural material.

You can find suitable knives online or at metaphysical stores in your area.

Before you actually use your knife for magick you want to cleanse and consecrate it.

Cleansing/consecrating rituals can be as simple or complex as you like but I have included a cleansing and consecration ritual in my Herbal Magick for Beginners e-book which you can download here!

As I mentioned you’ll be using your knife for cutting all herbs, flowers, string, cords, fabric etc.

Basically, anything that needs to be cut in your magickal practice you will do so with your magick knife.

The next tool that you will want for your magickal herbal practice is a magick wand.

The wand takes on a similar job as the athame. It can be used for invocation during ritual or magickal rites.

Wands are actually fairly easy to make if you don’t want to buy one since they can get pretty expensive. You can use a fallen branch for your wand or pick one off of a tree, as long as you ask it first.

I would say go for a branch that is at least 15 inches long or the width from your elbow to your middle finger. You want it to be pretty sturdy so it won’t snap in half and you’ll have to start all over.

You can use twine or wire to decorate your wand or glue crystals or herbs to it.

Don’t forget to consecrate your wand before you use it in ritual. Remember I have included a simple consecration ritual in my Magickal Herbalism for Beginners e-book which you can download here!

Next up is the mortar and pestle.

These are used for grinding up your herbs and mixing them. This is also how you can make incense and powers to use in ritual.

You can buy these online or at any metaphysical bookstore. They may also have them at hardware stores that have nurseries.

I recommend using metal or stone because they are more sturdy.

A heat-resistant container or a cauldron.

Besides being a staple in the witches arsenal cauldrons can be extremely useful to the herbal witch and magickal herbalism in general.

A good cauldron should be a decent size, about 2 quarts, and it should have a handle so you don’t have to use pot holders but if you can’t find one with a handle the pot holders will work.

I also recommend finding a lid for your cauldron.

A wide variety of candles in different colors and candle holders

Candles are amazing magickal tools on their own but when you add it to other types it becomes even more potent.

I love taper candles. They’re easy to use and store and they come in a bunch of different colors.

You want to pay attention to the color because each color corresponds to something different:

Pink – Love

Green – Prosperity

Red – Passion

Blue – Healing

Yellow – Intellect

Purple – Boosting magickal abilities

White – Blessings and general magick

Brown – Nature

Black – Banishing

I would say keep a few in each color so you’ll never be without the correct one but you could also just purchase the colors you think you’ll use the most.

A censer.

You don’t technically need a censer if you are going to use a different type of incense such as stick incense.

However, powdered or ground incense are traditional for witchcraft and for that you will need a censer.

Censers can be bought online or at metaphysical stores and aren’t particularly expensive.

To purify your censer, the first time you use it burn sage or frankincense in it. No consecration is necessary.

Charcoal blocks.

You’re going to need these to burn ground incense in your censer.

These can be bought online in bulk and I recommend getting the self-igniting or quick-lighting ones because they’re a lot easier to work with for beginners.

Sand or salt.

If you use a censer, you have to put something on the bottom to absorb the heat from the charcoal black so your censer doesn’t get damaged.

Putting some salt or sand in the bottom should work nicely.

Salt is also necessary for the consecration of your tools.

You can buy sand online or at a store or you can collect it yourself from the beach.

Salt can be bought at the supermarket of course.

Pure, virgin olive oil.

This works great as a base for many spells and oil recipes so I recommend keeping some on hand, just in case.

You can buy this at the supermarket or online.

Sewing materials.

This includes a simple sewing kit: needles, thread etc. but I would also recommend buying some fabric if you plan on making any sachets or amulets.

If you don’t know what sachets or amulets are I have an Herbal Witch dictionary in my Magickal Herbalism for beginners e-book so make sure you download it!

An eye dropper.

This is simply for blending oils and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

You can buy one pretty cheaply online.

The last tool is necessary if you want to have an herbal practice…


Yes, you need a variety of herbs to have a successful practice because different herbs have different properties.

If you know what types of magick you’ll want to do then you can just get the specific herbs you need.

For a list of magickal herbs and their uses make sure you download my Magickal Herbalism for Beginners e-book.

All branches and aspects of Wicca have their own tools to make practice more involved and smoother but remember you do not need these tools to do magick. Wicca is a personalized religion and there are no requirements when it comes to your magickal or spiritual practice. My posts are mainly guidelines to help you navigate the information so you can make an informed decision.

You do not need to buy anything on this list, however, if you do decide to buy a few, or all, of the items then your practice may be easier.

Everything is up to your interpretation and remember, if it feels right to you then it’s right!

Well, lovelies that’s it! But stay tuned for tomorrow’s post because we’ll be going over how you can find and collect your own herbs!

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You can learn the basic of being an herbal witch from this post and grab my free magickal herbalism e-book #wicca #magickalherbalism

Herbal magick is one of the most potent types of magick there is! Come learn the basics of being an herbal witch #witch #herbalmagick
Becoming an herbal witch doesn't have to be hard or impossible I'm going to show you how in this blog series #herbalism #magick
The herbal witch is a versatile practitioner and I can show you exactly how to incorporate herbs and essential oils into your wiccan practice #herbs #essentialoils
Are you interested in herbal magick or being an herbal witch? The this blog series is for you! #wiccan #witchcraft

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