All About Beltane: Celebrate the Union and Fertility of the Goddess and God

Merry meet! Welcome to another post.

This post is all about Beltane. I will take you through the holiday, what it’s about, when it is, how you can celebrate it and how I celebrate it.

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As always please remember these are my opinions on the holiday and every Wiccan has a different practice and celebrates differently so my words and ways are not gospel.

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So with that, let’s jump right into Beltane!

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Beltane is a wonderful holiday but as a beginner wiccan it can be tough celebrating for the first time but this post can fix that #wicca #beltane

What is Beltane?

Beltane, also known as May Day, is a Wiccan holiday and it is typically celebrated on May 1st but you can also celebrate it on April 30th.

If you’re in the Southern hemisphere, seasonally, you would celebrate Beltane on the first of November or October 31st.

Why do Wiccans celebrate Beltane?

Beltane marks the growth of the good into manhood. At this time he covets the goddess and they fall in love. During their union, the goddess becomes pregnant with the god.

Beltane is essentially the celebration of the fertility of the goddess. It celebrates the earth, new life and all the energies surrounding us which are in full swing.

We are celebrating the god’s conception but we are also celebrating the marriage of the goddess and god which bring forth new life.

While Ostara was the teasing of spring, Beltane is the peak of spring and the coming of hotter months (woo-hoo!).

This is the time of year where you want to take action on anything you’ve planned or anything you didn’t take action on at Ostara. Starting a herb garden, starting a new business, and learning a new skill are all good examples.

How is Beltane commonly celebrated?


It’s very common for Wiccans to have rituals on the Sabbats.

A simple ritual for Beltane could consist of setting up your altar, casting the circle, invoking the goddess and god, giving praise and thanks, decorating the May pole and altar, meditation, prayer, any magickal rites, the simple feast or grounding the energy raised and closing the circle.

Not every Wiccan ritual looks the same so feel free to take things out or add them to suit your needs and desires.

The May Pole

A very common way to celebrate during this time is decorating the May pole which symbolizes the god. You can decorate the May pole with flowers which symbolize the goddess. You can also decorate your may pole with ribbons, preferably dark green to represent the earth or red to represent love.

For those of you who don’t know what a May pole is, it’s basically a pole, made of wood or whatever material you have on hand, with a wreath and ribbons wrapped or tied on it.

Performing a May pole dance, where you literally dance around the May pole, is customary for this Sabbat.

Handfasting Ceremony

Beltane is a wonderful Sabbat to do a handfasting ceremony. Handfasting is the pagan version of a marriage ceremony and this is usually officiated by a high priestess and or priest.

The main part of the ceremony is when the high priestess or priest ties the bride and groom’s hands together with a ribbon or cord which symbolizes their union.

Decorating your altar

You can also decorate your altar with flowers, herbs, and crystals that correspond with Beltane.

There are specific herbs that correspond to this Sabbat. These include hawthorn, honeysuckle, St. Johns wort, and woodruff. All flowers are good to use for Beltane.

Keeping with the theme of love associated with this holiday, rose quartz is a relevant stone to use at Beltane along with garnet. You can use these crystals in different ways including meditation, decorating your altar or just carrying them around with you and feeling the energy they bring.

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Also weaving, crocheting, knitting, and braiding are common ways to celebrate this holiday because it is the act of two things coming together to form a third.

You can braid fresh flowers into your hair or create a flower crown and wear it during the ritual.


My favorite part of Beltane is the food. Traditional food for this holiday includes dairy, such as custards and ice cream. Foods that incorporate oats, such as oatmeal cookies, are also good for The Simple Feast if that’s a part of your Beltane ritual.

Do Magick

During this Sabbat, love spells and fertility spells are the most powerful. You can do any kind of spell you want but if you would like to stick with the theme of the holiday you can’t go wrong with these.

How do I celebrate Beltane?

I am a Lazulic Wiccan and although most of my traditions are similar there are some differences which I will go over.

I like to celebrate May Day on the first of May because it makes the most sense to me.

Beltane is a holiday that celebrates the goddess’ and god’s union, so I celebrate the marriage of Horus and Hathor.

I will usually hold a ritual where I will show my respect for the goddess and god and their union through prayer, meditation, and offering. This year I am planning to have my ritual outside if weather conditions allow.

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I do plan on casting a spell for growth, spiritual growth that is, and personal development.

This is also the year I start my herb garden! I have put it off for long enough and I’ll probably be doing that the day after Beltane.

The days leading up to Beltane I will take a short walk through the park by my house and just attune myself with nature and it’s energies in preparation for Beltane. This is a really good way for me to feel more connected to the goddess and god.

Taking a walk is a great way to connect with nature and the divine on normal days as well.

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Also, since it’s the time for starting new things, I will be starting my new meal plan and exercise regimen so make sure you are following me on Twitter so you can see my gym antics.

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Well, that’s it for this post!

I hope you all have a lovely, safe and magickal Beltane!

Blessed be!

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